Our team

Being a boutique business means personal service for you. We're small enough to ensure that all our clients are well looked after whilst also having the acumen and resources necessary to get the best outcomes for your particular needs.


Our highly experienced team has many years of combined experience in finance and financial planning. During this time, we’ve helped many people significantly improve their financial independence and security.

Geoff Sharpe, our Director and Principal Adviser, has worked in finance for well over 20 years and has been providing advice since 1999. Formerly an Adviser with the renowned Whittaker Macnaught Group, Geoff has a wealth of pertinent experience and understands the value of a great financial plan. His aptitude for finance coupled with his approachability make it easy to see why he is so good at helping people to improve their financial position and achieve their dreams. Read more about Geoff in his Adviser Profile.

Juliette Sharpe is our Practice Manager.
Having spent many years in the finance industry, she is experienced in a range of roles from client services to human resource management and everything in between. Understanding how to manage projects as well as people means Juliette keeps our office running like a well-oiled machine so our team can give all their attention to our clients.


Cynthia Bekendam is our Client Services Officer. Cynthia has a strong background in financial planning administration and a career spent in finance so she really knows her stuff. Friendly and professional with a genuine passion for assisting clients to achieve their financial goals, Cynthia ensures that our clients always get the very best treatment.

Lorelei Heggaton is our Paraplanner and Client Service Officer. She looks after our wonderful clients whilst also managing our in-house paraplanning. Our team all-rounder, Lorelei has a wealth of experience in client services as well as advice document management. She has a Diploma of Financial Planning and a background in digital media so she keeps all of our bases covered.