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Morningstar is an investment research firm that compiles and analyses fund, stock and general market data.


Morningstar's comprehensive managed fund reports are used to determine the investment quality of more than 2,000 funds, making it a respected and reliable source of independent investment analysis.

The key features of Morningstar’s research offering include:


  • Independence: Morningstar is committed to maintaining its research independence including impartial fund manager reviews conducted without fund manager remuneration and no brokerage division

  • Proven Track Record: Transparent performance monitoring of fund recommendations and stock calls demonstrate the robustness of their recommendations

  • Global:  Morningstar draws on extensive global resources including 110 fund analysts and 116 stock and fixed interest analysts worldwide.



CommSec Adviser Services

CommSec Adviser Services are one of Australia's leading providers of investment services to financial intermediaries and with roots stretching back to 1994, they represent the consolidation and experience of some of the pioneers in Australian investment services.


CommSec Adviser Services supports advisers with products and services to help them provide trading, cash, gearing and portfolio management solutions to Australian Investors.