Our advice process

It's important for us to understand what's important to you. So, the first thing we do is conduct a thorough analysis of your circumstances. Once we know what you need we then use a comprehensive step-by-step approach to provide you with a clear and strategic direction. We ensure that the advice we deliver is suited to your goals and that you understand it. 

Statement of advice

Then we:

  • provide you with our statement of advice

  • discuss our recommendations and make sure you understand them

  • make sure you agree on the strategy before we begin implementation



Once you agree with the strategy we:

  • finalise your authority to proceed

  • implement the strategy

  • complete any applications as required


Ongoing advice

But it doesn’t stop there. We then:

  • agree to an ongoing service plan

  • decide how often we will review your strategy and investments



We'll also happily provide advice for your family and friends so feel free to send them our way.


First of all we:

  • discuss your goals and objectives

  • answer your initial questions

  • explain our process and provide our financial services guide


Research and analysis

Once we know what you're after we:

  • review your assets and any loans you may have

  • research any existing investments you have to assess their continued suitability

  • review your budget to assess your cash flow position

  • ensure we understand your attitude towards risk and volatility

  • review the insurance you currently have and consider any gaps or further needs


Strategy preparation

The next step is to:

  • compare potential strategies

  • ensure strategies match your goals and objectives

  • ensure strategies maximise tax effectiveness

  • ensure your cash flow is being used as effectively as possible

  • ensure your investments are well diversified and suitable for your risk profile

  • maximise Centrelink outcomes where appropriate

  • finalise the best strategy for you