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Rock Balancing


For most Australians superannuation is their largest financial asset, apart from the family home. It’s important to regularly review your superannuation fund and level of contributions to ensure your fund is on track to secure your financial future in retirement. The more extensive your goals, the more super you’re likely to need to provide sufficient retirement income. We'll help you to understand what opportunities are available to you.

Maximising your super

The government provides generous tax incentives to encourage Australians to invest in super. You might consider setting up a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer, allowing you to not only make super contributions from your pre-tax salary, but also potentially reducing your income tax bill.


You may be eligible for other benefits, such as the government co-contribution when you make after tax contributions to your own super, or a tax rebate when making contributions to your spouse’s super. You may even be able to save tax by paying for your life insurance through your super. 


Some people find it difficult to know how much to contribute to super. There's no right or wrong amount but there are contribution caps (set out by legislation) which limit how much you can contribute each year without additional tax applying.

It is never too late to take control of your super, but the rules are complex. We can ensure you make the most of your superannuation savings.

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